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I help design teams turn creative into real websites & cohesive design systems.

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In a world full of half-assed solutions, I believe there is a place for professionally built, accessible & performant web experiences.

I strive to be the kind of consultant you didn't know you wanted. Someone who cares about your project as much as you do. Someone who will stand behind his work and won't disappear or miss deadlines. Someone who won't be afraid to challenge your ideas and will collaborate tightly with you to plan, design and build the best possible product for your business and for your users.

For the past six years, I've collaborated with internationally recognized brands, multi-million dollar startups, and numerous web agencies. Projects I've worked on have been featured in places like TechCrunch, NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and Time Inc, to name a few.

Maybe you could be my next awesome client.

Looking Glass Factory Pattern Library & CSS code

Featured project

Looking Glass Pattern Library

I worked with an amazing team of fellow WEIRDO designers, analytics experts, project managers & back-end developers to build a beautiful eCommerce website for Looking Glass Factory.

My main role was front-end development, and my latter focus became the Looking Glass Pattern Library, a still-growing collection of re-usable components that allows WordPress developers to quickly put together new pages and sections.

Since we started working with them in 2016, Looking Glass has gone on to raise $10 million in investment and sell thousands of dollars worth of products.


Over the years, I’ve developed a unique process that combines tight collaboration, great communication and the highest coding standards to produce solid results within time & budget.


Before we start building, I need to understand as much as I can about your business, your users and your goals. During the first week of our engagement, we will explore your goals and your problems, prioritize them, identify constraints, and map out a solid project plan for the weeks to come.

From performance budgets to interface audits and identifying patterns, this is the step in which we will define the foundations for your new design system and make sure we pick a development approach that perfectly aligns with your business' and your users' needs.


Under the guidance of our project plan and our findings from the Discovery phase, I will work in weekly sprints to incrementally build a pattern library that includes all the components and templates we agreed to work on. I will make sure to update you and share my progress on a regular basis. This will give you the chance to review my work as it develops and present the opportunity to re-prioritize when necessary.

Each Friday, you will get an email detailing what has been accomplished during the week, what's coming up next and what I need from you for everything to continue going smoothly.

Launch & maintenance

Our engagement will end with a small workshop in which we'll review what we've built and the set tools you now have at your disposal. At the bare minimum, you will leave armed with:

  • A solid pattern library featuring a collection of thoroughly documented objects, components, utilities and templates you can use to extend my work and continue building your product or website for the years to come.
  • A set of coding guidelines and best practices for your team to make informed decisions and maintain code quality.

Additionally, we can work out a retainer agreement for on-going code reviews & maintenance tasks, or continue working on a weekly sprint basis for as long as you need.

Rates & availability

I schedule projects over several weekly sprints and charge a flat fee of USD $1,250 per week. I’m currently considering projects starting February 2018.

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Are we a good fit?

In the spirit of saving time for both of us, please do not contact me if:

  • You’re looking for the lowest possible price. My rates are non-negotiable and I do not compete on price.
  • You’re planning to get 6 months worth of work done in 2 weeks “because it’s urgent”.
  • You like to micro-manage projects. I give my clients no reason to do so by always putting an emphasis on communication and keeping them involved at every step so they know exactly what to expect and by when.
  • You expect me to work or reply outside office hours. A solid work-life balance helps me stay stress-free, productive and on top of my game. If you need someone whose role resembles more the one of an employee than a consultant, you'll be better off with someone else.

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