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Front-end audit

For a much more affordable price than what you would pay for a full consulting engagement, I can conduct a holistic audit of your app's/site's front-end and provide you with an in-depth, actionable report you can use as a roadmap for making your code more maintainable, increasing conversions and improving the experience you deliver to your users.

What you'll get:

First, I'll send you a questionnaire to get a grasp of your goals and understand which particular areas you're having the most trouble with. Then, I will ask for a live URL as well as access to your code repository, in order to take a thorough look at your front-end code. I'll manually check and evaluate:

  • Loading speeds and rendering performance
  • CSS architecture
  • Design consistency
  • Accessibility
  • Progressive enhancement
  • HTML semantics and content structure
  • Many, many other tiny aspects that can make a huge difference

Your report will include a comprehensive list of what's working optimally and what isn't, along with screencasts, refactored examples, charts and any other resources that can help you better understand my recommendations. This will be in essence, a lesson tailored around your own product and code, and what you'll get from it will not only help you improve a thousand times today, but it will also help you avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Finally, as a bonus, I will write a solid action plan for you to tackle everything I uncovered in my report, including recommendations on what to tackle first, depending on your goals and other factors like potential ROI.

I charge $1500 USD per audit. Audits are paid in advance.

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