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“Mariano: your work has been amazing. There is not a single person who is not impressed by you. You have been instrumental in taking Vimpact to new levels”

Phillip Bak, Vimpact

What I've been working on

  • Helping a volumetric display startup redesign their website, build an online store and raise $10 million in funding.
  • Building a website for a tiny design collective (that I'm part of) with a network of collaborators around the world who have worked for the likes of MIT, HubSpot, Amazon, Fidelity Investments, NPR, and more.
  • Providing front-end support for an assistive tech startup selling custom digital voices at scale.
  • Developing the initial website front-end templates for a joint initiative that explores best practices for creating effective city government structures.

What I do

I work at the intersection of research-driven design and engineering to build websites & applications that delight users and solve real business problems — websites that will make your business grow.

Some clients bring their approved designs for me to turn them into real websites. I work with them to implement their designs in a responsive, usable, accessible and performant manner while making suggestions along the way to achieve the best possible outcome.

Others require a more holistic approach: research, copywriting, design, development and more. If that’s the case, then I can assemble a team of talented experts with the experience to deliver the results you’re after.

Here's a sample of the type of work I usually do for clients:

  • Design systems & pattern libraries.
  • Turning designs into HTML5/CSS3/JS or WordPress websites.
  • Creating the initial prototypes for a web or mobile app.
  • Building e-commerce stores with WordPress + WooCommerce.
  • Providing help to solve specific CSS, accessibility and web performance issues.

“This is great, thank you very much. We are very pleased with both the quality and communication!”

Adam & Kristina Auckland, Cornerstone Labs

Things I don't do

  • Angular/React/Vue development.
  • Any other CMS that isn’t WordPress.
  • Working with micromanagers.
  • Rush work.

Pricing & payments

I schedule projects over several weekly sprints and charge a flat rate fee of $1500 (US) per week. My rate is non-negotiable.

I will ask for one week’s fee in advance on signing, and then one week paid before each sprint begins.


You will be required to sign a contract of works. NDA agreements carry a fixed cost of $1500 on top of any work.


Typically, I'm booked 1-2 months in advance. Right now, I have availability for one new project starting in mid-June 2017 .

“Mariano is talented, fast, friendly, smart and communicative. His code is clean, and he has a good eye for design. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Michael Suen, Suen Labs

Let's talk!

To talk about your project, just send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.